How to…

How to <insert problem here>?

This is a place where you can find links to all the how-to articles, short and simple.


LUA Related

How to install LUA applications

  • Step by step guide on installing applications to your transmitter

LUA Considerations

  • Thoughts and a few tips for LUA in Jeti

RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools

  • All applications published by RC-Thoughts in one place – Always up to date!

Telemetry as percentage

  • Any telemetry as 0-100% or 100-0%, with switch and alarm!

Create latching function from momentary switches

  • Great for example for using voice commands!

Event counter

  • Need to keep track on how many times retracts are used? Now you can!

Battery percentage – different packs

  • Easy usage of alarm and percentage on main screen for 3 different sized batteries!

Empty Battery Alarm

  • Alarm for up to 3 batteries – Never fly with empty batteries again!


  • Fuzzy logic made easy!

Screensaver – Kinda

  • First steps to LUA, something simple



How to get telemetry from Kontronik Kosmik + JLog 2.6 to Jeti?

  • Fairly simple, actually!

How to bind Kontronik Kosmik to iOS via Bluetooth?

  • Kinda tricky but works!

How to make a “safety switch” with Jeti?

  • Only activate the function if switch is used for more than two seconds

Speed up Jeti transmitter by replacing SD-card

  • Quick and cheap way to make the transmitter FAAAST!

Slider as 3-way switch

  • Make some nifty use for those sliders on the side of your radio!

Stepless Dual-Rate

  • Ever had a need for stepless Dual-Rate? It IS possible!

Fuzzy logic logical switches

  • Activate when two sticks are over 90%, deactivate when BOTH sticks are under 90%?

More Fuzzy Logic!

  • Activate when two sticks are over 90%, deactivate when BOTH sticks are under 50%?

RSat900 + VBar

  • How to use 900MHz as backup for VBar?

Temperature controlled servo

  • How to get temperature controlled cooling vents?

Flight mode on a timer

  • How to get flight mode active only for X amount of seconds?



Pre-flight announcement in case of flat batteries

  • If your memory is like mine this might save you a heli, plane or batteries!

Announce currently chosen battery- or pack-size before flight

  • This is a safety-feature!

Automatic start and stop of telemetry logging

  • Are you as lazy as me, make things automatic!

Announce one telemetry-value from one switch

  • How to get just one value spoken via switch?

Used mAh-warning with different-sized batteries / packs

  • Let’s face it, not all batteries are same size!

Global voice-title to sensor name?

  • Annoyed to hear just “56%” when in fact you’d like to hear “Fuel 56%”?



Automatic reset of flight-timer

  • This is easy!

Announce elapsed flight-time

  • Your flying with mAh-metering anyway, right…?



Optipower UltraGuard easy shutdown

  • Because fumbling for a really small switch on heli or plane is so 90’s…
  • Also check out the LogicSwitch wiring post!

Optipower UltraGuard – Fully automatic

  • Wanna hide awau UG and forget about it?

Personalize text on telemetry on your screen

  • Wanna change “JLog26: RPM Uni” to “Headspeed” on your screen?

Announce chosen model on startup (and when changing models)

  • Partly a cool gimmick, partly pure safety!

How to make (and use) own sound-files in Jeti

  • Everyone want’s personal announcement’s, right?

Make Jeti vibrate!

  • Quite easy way to make a vibrator in Jeti tranmitter



Real Flight 7.5 wireless with Jeti

  • Don’t like to fly sim with transmitter on a USB-cable? Me neither…

Universal wireless sim-adapter for Jeti Part I

  • Schematic for the adapter

Universal wireless sim-adapter for Jeti Part II

  • One idea of how to tie it all up in hardware



How to dye-color parts?

  • I don’t like blue EC5’s, I wan’t them black!

The perfect setup-table for helis

  • It ain’t beautiful but it sure is handy!