Speed up Jeti transmitter – replace SD-card

Is this an issue?

While it directly is not a problem it might be good (and satisfying) to get most out of your shiny Jeti DS/DC transmitter.

The way transmitter works is that it reads all the configuration, system-files etc and model-settings from SD-card on boot. Also the model files are read when changing model.

The 4Gb SD-card included, while it works perfectly ok, is not the fastest on the market. By changing this to a faster class 10 card makes a significant difference both in functional speed and bootup-speeds.

So, let’s swap the old out and replace it!

The SD-card

First, get a class 10 micro SD-card, sizes up to 16Gb have been confirmed to work. It is really unlikely you’ll ever need a bigger card. These only cost a few coins so really no need to be cheap. I’d suggest to go with a well-known brand just for safety.


First, take a backup of your Jeti the conventional way. Some say this is over the top but you can never be too safe..

Connect your transmitter to PC and backup everything on the device:


Note that your folders might be different (-Music- for example) than mine. Copy all these files and folders somewhere on your computer.

Now, shut down your transmitter.

Take out the old card

Open the back cover. (A T9 torx-driver needed).  Disconnect your transmitter’s battery. After that look for the sd-card holder (DS-16 in pictures):



Put your finger on the card-holder and slide to left, you’ll feel a small notch and now when you lift your finger the card is slightly tilted up. Remove the card and pop it to your pc and take a backup once more of everything.

New card

New card needs to be formatted before use. Get yourself a SD Formatter application from here. Do NOT format the SD-card with windows. This little (windows) application is the best tool to keep the cards in good shape. Download, unpack the zip-file and install by running setup.exe.

Start the SD Formatter while the card is on your computer:


Confirm that you are using the right card and press “Format”. After succesful format you’ll see the screen:


Now it’s time to copy the backup to new card. Make sure to copy everything you backed up earlier. When you’re done eject the card from from pc the correct way, right-click the correct drive and choose “Eject”:


Now it’s just to put the card back in transmitter.

Put the new card back in transmitter

This is simple. Slide the card in to the slot:


Press the card straight down and slide to right, you’ll feel it locking on the place.

Reconnect transmitters battery and test. After testing re-attach the back cover and enjoy the faster transmitter! Note: Remember to set date and time in system settings! That get’s resetted when disconnecting battery!

How much speed?

Some report’s say a lot, some say “not much”. Common nominator is that basically everyone does see a difference. In my case the difference is clearly noticeable.

6 thoughts on “Speed up Jeti transmitter – replace SD-card

  1. Great article, I have an early DS-16 and it's always bugged me how slow it was to change model and shutdown. Replaced with a class 10 card and it's soooo much faster now. Thanks for the tip and great blog BTW.

  2. I have got "speedy" SD-card in my DS-16, but now I have new DS-24 and there is not so easy to change SD-card. There is from JETI 8GB SD-card, Maybe is quickly as DD-Card 4GB in DS-16.

  3. Hi Tero, Happy Chrismas and a good New Year!
    Thought it may help people if you change the "SD Card" to "Micro SD Card" so no one else cocks up like I did by ordering a standard size SD!
    All the best,

    1. Well, the manual says "micro sd card" in one place, all other mention "SD card", there's ton of picture so I don't know… Mistakes happen even if I would write it with cat-sized letters :)

      1. Lol,
        Just changed to 16GB 98mbs SDHC today.
        Remarkable difference in boot up and model selection etc.
        Not sure, maybe lua slowed my DS16 down.
        Well worth doing, thanks,

  4. I am a 70 yr old male and I currently am learning yo fly R/C Boomerang 2. I wish to buy a Phoenix 5.5 simulator and use my existing Spectrum DX7S Transmitter as the controller for Phonix 5 5 I would love to operate it off my Samsung Smart TV if possible as I currently have XBox One with microsoft simulator on it.
    (1) Can I connect phoenix 5.5 using XBox one or do I have to use it with computer?
    (2) egat do I need besides Phienix 5.5 simulator to connect to Computer or TV?
    I am sorry to ask you these dumb questions but at my age Technology has moved quickly and I wasn't aware I could use my SPECTRUM transmitter to fly aircraft online until today. Please help me!

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