Keep RCT Ad-Free?

I have always wanted to keep RCT fully ad-free, I hate ads. But reality is coming closer and something has to be done.

Sky-rocketed use of RCT

Ever since I put Phoenix-stuff up here the usage of server have gone up, and it does unfortunately have consequences.  Currently this server uses ~16TB of monthly outbound bandwidth, that’s ~550GB per day. This is explained when you google Phoenix Sim, RCT is quite high on the list.

The site have always been a hobby for me but at the moment it is beginning to be a cost-issue too.

How can You help?

If you feel you’ve got some help, inspiration or ideas from RCT please consider using the PayPal Donate-button. I do not like to ask for this but as situation is right now I have to. Do remember that this is not mandatory by any means!

Thank you for your time and stay safe!

22 thoughts on “Keep RCT Ad-Free?

  1. Done! Sent a donation
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you do!!
    I am not a Phoenix user but I follow the site and the things you do with Jett and Lua

  2. I don't have paypal so sadly I cannot donate to this helpful website, but I do have one little thought that might help with this bandwidth stress thing, and that is to use bittorrent… Yes, bittorrent is not the word that pops in your head when you think of security and safety, but it do cut down bandwidth and is a safe enough choice for many people, given that the uploader is trusted. If you wish to add torrenting to the downloading options, I will happily seed for you :)

  3. gooday – thanks for the site

    I have been a phoenix user prior to real time fliyng, and sadly recently I had to get a new pc – today i discovered
    phoenix as a business was no more.

    so its much appreciated with the site, downloads and support service.

    I'll be making a donation to help pay for important things – bandwidth and coffee….

  4. I have had the Phoenix Sim for awhile now. I have the 2.5v. I recently upgraded to Win10pro. At first when installing 2.5v., I thought it had hung up, but after more than several minutes, it installed and pretty quick. I do have an issue with no sound, but I'll get around to that. Anyway, I can say that so far, 2.5 is playing flawlessly. I'm also using a DX-8 Spectrum xmitter.
    *For those having trouble getting transmitter controls calibrated, only use one stick at a time when you do the calibration requiring you to make a complete circle.

  5. Hey Just got a RadioMaster TX16s and I am trying to figure out how to connect it to the Sim. Any help would be nice.. Works great on V3.0 with USB emulator but nothing on 6.0i.

  6. Thanks ever so much for hosting Phoenix, I am a user and thought I was destined to use Ver 5.0 since upgrade files were lost when old PC died.

    Much appreciated, worthy of the donation submitted.

  7. Obrigado pelo site, por favor eu usava a versão 4.0 do phoenixRC, com um radio skyartec usando o launcher, agora que atualizei para a versão 6.0, funciona tudo, SÓ NÃO APARECE OS MODELOS, funciona tudo, consigo calibrar o radio, nomear o radio, ver os tipos de modelos e de campos de voo. mas quando eu escolho o modelo ele NÃO APARECE NA PISTA. por favor me ajudem, muito Obrigado.

    1. estou usando wind10 diretcx12…. mas a versão 4.0 funcionava normalmente, inclusive eu desinstalei a versão 6.0 e instalei a v4.0 novamente ai funciona. quando eu atualizo para a versão 6.0 somente ai que os modelos nao aparecem…. obrigado.

      1. Please write in English on Contact-page. Note that I'm by no means a Phoenix support-guy :)

  8. hi, i have jumper t lite
    i have trannis donggle.
    so, i am success binding jumper to pc.
    but, phonixrc program is not unconnected.

  9. Ben hier erg blij mee. Had een (originele) DVD die niet meer te lezen was. Heb altijd gevlogen echter door medische problemen is het voor mij niet meer mogelijk live te vliegen. Heb SIM weer kunnen instaleren en kan weer op pc vliegen. Bedankt!!

    Donatie is uiteraard gedaan.

  10. Sent you a donation because I'm using Phoenix RC as my favorite sim. Thank you for your efforts to share these to us, Josef from Austria

  11. Hello,
    My old pc is broken running Phoenix.
    I need to order a new motherboard, cpu, memory and graphics card.
    What sort of specification should i go for?

    1. Basically anything from today will run it. Get a graphics card if you want to run higher resolutions.

  12. The sim starts perfectly, but i have one problem, which is the models do not appear in the sim. i have tried changing models and have even installed downloaded models and still no models appearing in the sim

  13. Hello Taro,
    Don fait via PayPal
    Un system Flash LED pour gros planeur RC serait une excellente idée.
    Meilleurs vœux 2023

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