Phoenix Simulator How To

Ever since I put Phoenix Simulator downloads to RCT there’s been quite a lot questions of installation and updating. I’m by no means a Phoenix Support or know everything but here’s a small guide on how to install Phoenix Sim from scratch and update it to 6.0. I also point out how to install those extra models that are available.

Dongle is mandatory (Almost)!

In order to use Phoenix you will need a dongle. These are widely available in Ebay, search for “22 in 1 simulator” and look for PhoenixRC compatible dongle with suitable adapter cables to your radio. Or make it wireless connecting a receiver to it, receiver can be powered with USB.

You can also use any joystick or anything else that is seen as joystick if you use a emulator. Download the emulator HERE and check THIS video on how to use it. As an example Spektrum WS2000 works fine.

Note: Installation pictures are from Windows 10, installation is not that different for you Windows 7 users.

Install Phoenix Sim from DVD

After you have downloaded the 5.5 DVD extract it and run the setup:

You’ll see the installation star screen, press Start:

Phoenix Sim Install

If you want to install Phoenix Sim to alternative location specify it here (It takes ~3Gb of space), when happy press Continue:

Phoenix Sim Install

Sit back and wait for a while:

Phoenix Sim Install

After installation is done press the Finished-button, leave the check mark to start Phoenix Sim immediately:

Phoenix Sim Install

Phoenix Sim will start with version 5.5 g, seen in the lower left corner:

Phoenix Sim Install

You’re done. Now, let’s update Phoenix Sim to 6.0!

Updating to Phoenix Sim to version 6.0

In the start screen press Advanced and then the Install an update button:

Phoenix Sim Install

Since we cannot update straight to 6.0 we need to do the update in steps. First point the installation to the “PhoenixRC_5.0.a_5.5.k_update.pkg” file:

Phoenix Sim Update

After the update you can see the version in lower left corner is now 5.5 k:

Phoenix Sim Update

Next do the same procedure for “PhoenixRC_5.5.k_to_5.5.l_update.pkg”:

Phoenix Sim Update

Again, after the update you have version 5.5 l:

Phoenix Sim Update

After this update you will see a bit different screen, wait for Phoenix Sim to finish searching for updates:

Phoenix Sim Update

And then update in the same way to 6.0 with the update-file “PhoenixRC_5.5.l_to_6.0.i_update.pkg”:

Phoenix Sim Update

Note: After this update I recommend to Exit Phoenix Sim and restart it. Result is a installed Phoenix Sim with version 6.0 i:

Phoenix Sim Update

Now all you need to do is to setup your controlled just as before.

Installing Extra Models to Phoenix Sim

Installing models is easy. If your model is a .pkg-file you install it the same way you install Phoenix Sim updates, via the start screen’s Install a update -button:

Phoenix Sim Install

If you have a .phx file instead you should copy the file to “C:\Users\<YOUR NAME>\Documents\PhoenixRC\Downloaded\Models\User-Made”:

Phoenix Sim Model Install

And this will result in new model in Phoenix Sim:

Phoenix Sim TDR

Note that the procedure is the same for added flying fields, only the directory is different: C:\Users\<YOUR NAME>\Documents\PhoenixRC\Downloaded\Sites\User-Made”

Enjoy Phoenix Sim!

While it ain’t the newest, shiniest and most advanced Phoenix Sim still is a Sim to count on. Due age it does not demand that much power from the computer and runs nicely on a bit older comp’s. Have fun with it!


Note that I am by no means a Phoenix Sim guru. I just host the files so people still can find them. Most often asked question is “does it run on Windows 10?” and the answer i can give “Well yes, at least it runs on my Win10. Install with “Run as administrator” and you should be fine.” All support questions should be asked on Phoenix-related forums like the one on Helifreak HERE as for example.