Lua Hub


RC-Thoughts Lua Hub is a collection of user-submitted Lua apps for Jeti transmitters. All apps include a screenshot, small description and of course the files needed for easy use.

Lua Hub was needed since there is a lot of users writing great and useful apps but they are scattered around teh interwebs so common Joe might have difficulties finding them. This is where RC-Thoughts might be able to help.

For the author

Make a compressed package (Zip, Gz or Rar) including the Lua-files, a screenshot and a text-file with small description of app.  I recommend you to choose a license for your work, I personally use MIT-license. License should be included in the package, MIT example is here: License.txt. (Basically it’s not right to use non-licensed software.) Also make sure to tell what name, email or forum-nick you would like to have published as author, if this is not mentioned your email-address will be used. Send the compressed package and info via contact-form found here.

Do not be afraid to share your code. Nobody writes perfect code, especially not me and I’m sharing my code anyway, so keep up the good work!

On behalf of community: Thank you!

For the user

RC-Thoughts does not support apps listed here, please contact the original author. For installation of Lua-apps please look here for basic help.

RC-Thoughts Lua-apps are found in menu under Jeti Tools, summary page is here.

Lua Hub – Apps List

Apps are listed in alphabetical order based on their name.

ECU Data Display

Combined display of fuel and turbine data, written for JetiOrbitECUSensor. Very informative telemetry-display, adjustable tank-size and warning-levels. Possible to adapt for other sensors also. There’s even a possibility to use P8 as sensor-simulator, very nice touch!

By Sepp62 – v.1.02 – License: MIT – Download:

Jeti ECU Telemetry (Beta)

A complete solution for your turbine ECU with beautiful fuel gauge, 50+ alarms configured for turbines like JetCat, Hornet, Jakadofsky, evoJet / Pahl, PBS and Orbit. Also includes separate config-files for different turbines, a lot of voice-files ready for usage, haptic feedback and a lot more. App is still in beta so make sure to check also the authors github here often! If you have any improvement-suggestions please be in contact with author! I love the screens!


By Thomas Ekdahl – v.0.8 – Requires VSpeak – License: MIT – Download:

MT300 Temperature Display

This LUA-app shows the sensor values of up to 4 MT300 modules (that’s 8 sensors!) inside of two windows using user defined names for each temperature sensor. Same app works for all languages!


By IG-Modellbau / Ingmar Grote – v.0.1 – License: MIT – Download:

RPM to Headspeed

Really simple, converts RPM from motor to headspeed with by user given gear ratio (gear tooth-count). Main gear has a decimal possibility to ease calculation for two-stage drive like Gaui R5. Now with possibility to announce RPM with switch. Zip-file contains both Lua and rady compiled .lc files.


By AlastairC – v.1.1 – Requires DC/DS-14/16/24 – License: N/A – Download: RPMToHeadspeed,zip


Nifty little app monitoring your sensors during use.

Audio-warning has a possibility to choose between no repeat, 3 x repeat and repeat always. Up to 14 sensors can be monitored.

By Aziz Al-Khater – v.1.0 – License: MIT – Download:

Trainer / BuddyBox Vibrator

Useful application giving master / teacher different selectable vibration-profiles indicating who has the control of model.

By M.A.Pilla – v.1.2 – Requires DC/DS-24 and firmware 4.22 – License: N/A – Download:

VSpeak ECU Status Converter and Alarm App

Turbines supported: JetCat, Hornet, Jakadofsky, evoJet/Pahl and PBS. Easily configurable via .json files and has support for multiple turbines in same model. Requires VSpeak with firmware 2.2. Makes a status-screen available for main screen as telemetry window.


By Thomas Ekdahl – v.2.2 – Requires VSpeak – License: Share alike – Download from Github

VSpeak Hornet ECU Data App

Based on Sepp62’s “ECU Data Display” app above this is for Hornet turbine with added options with no editing of json-files needed. Added functions include for example fuel reset switch and from menu adjustable tanks size.

This app is also easily modified to other turbines by editing turbine status-codes in .lua-file.

By Jim Brown – v.1.01 – Requires VSpeak 2.2 – License: MIT – Download:


Some rules do of course apply:

  • Never use Lua to control a function that would take the model down if misbehaving!
  • Always, always test the function thoroughly!
  • If you do not know, then don’t!
  • RC-Thoughts or myself is NOT responsible for anything done with or by applications shared here!

Have fun and be safe!