This is a request app with so crazy idea I just had to do it. User requested a lua-app to play a random audio file when model is selected. Since it involves some new to me programming challenges I just had to do it :)

RCT Randomizer

Functions are extremely simple:

  • When transmitter is turned on or model is selected app plays a random audio file from a specific folder
  • Possibility to assign a switch to test audio files
  • App makes sure same file is not played twice in a row


  • Needs a folder /Apps/StartVoices with at least two audio files (two example files provided)


In short: Copy the .lc (or .lua, the .lc is memory-optimized) file from github here to your transmitters Apps-folder, if there is a translation file copy the .jsn file to Apps/Lang-folder on your transmitter. Head on to “Applications” -> “User applications” and add the app. No settings needed or available. Remenber to create the /Apps/StartVoices folder with audio files! Guide on installation of Lua-apps available here if you need some more in-depth guide.

Usage of RCT Randomizer

Simply install the app with the audio file folder, put some audio files there you’d like to hear and everything is done. Optionally you can go to app settings and assign a switch to play a random audio file. You can create your special voice files on RCT Text-To-Speech service here!

Version history

  • 1.0 Original version – Languages available EN
  • 1.1 Randomizing re-defined – Same file cannot be played twice in a row


Some rules do of course apply!

  • Never use Lua to control a function that would take the model down if misbehaving!
  • Always, always test the function thoroughly!
  • If you do not know, then don’t!
  • RC-Thoughts or myself is NOT responsible for anything this application does
  • Applications are free to use (MIT-license) and linking to this page is encouraged!