How to <insert problem here>?

This is a place where you can find links to the how-to articles, short and simple.

Optipower UltraGuard easy shutdown

  • Because fumbling for a really small switch on heli or plane is so 90’s…
  • Also check out the LogicSwitch wiring post!

Optipower UltraGuard – Fully automatic

  • Wanna hide awau UG and forget about it?

Personalize text on telemetry on your screen

  • Wanna change “JLog26: RPM Uni” to “Headspeed” on your screen?

Announce chosen model on startup (and when changing models)

  • Partly a cool gimmick, partly pure safety!

How to make (and use) own sound-files in Jeti

  • Everyone want’s personal announcement’s, right?

Make Jeti vibrate!

  • Quite easy way to make a vibrator in Jeti tranmitter

DC-Transmitter “Tero-Mod”

  • Adjust the angle on transmitter

Pimp Your Jeti

  • Wanna change the look of your Jeti?

Bling Your Jeti

  • How about a laser-engraved back-plate?