Real Flight 7.5 + Jeti DS-16 + Rsat2 = True

I hate wires. I hate visible wires. I hate to be connected with wires. So, Real Flight needs to be wireless.

For universal adapter look here.


First we need to make the receiver-end ready. When finished the package is small and easy to use. Rsat2 is powered from USB so no need to use any LiPo’s or switches, couldn’t be easier.

When opened the interlink looks like this. Minus the servo-wire of course.

I removed the original PPM-wire since it’s only on the way and it can be attached back later if needed.

Solder the Rsat2 red to interlink’s incoming red. This is the power positive. Then solder orange and brown as seen in picture, brown is both power negative and PPM negative, the orange is PPM positive.

Put the package together, remember to leave room to press reset-button on interlink-case.

Jeti DS-16

Create a new model. Model needs to be general, no heli or airplane. Use one single direction engine.

Assign functions as seen in picture below. You can of course assign whatever buttons / sticks You want to use but all 8 functions needs to be present.

Now connect the interlink to USB-port so Rsat2 get’s some power and pair the RX to TX. Make the Rsat2 to PPM Negative and go to General settings.

In general settings adjust Ouptut period to 20ms and use 8 channels and PPM Direct.

After that assign Rsat2 receiver outputs like the picture below:

Real Flight Setup

In Real Flight 7.5 select a transmitter and rename if You want to. (Of course You want a true name…)

After that assign channels like picture below. Remember to use “Enable software radio mixes” and “Enable software radio dual rates and expo”

Calibrate the radio in Real Flight. Also remember to put the auto-reset on. After starting Real Flight You need to press the interlink reset-button after first crash to prove You are not using a pirate-controller. After this reset is automatic and You are using simulator in wireless mode!

Now it’s just to pick a plane or heli and fly! :)

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  1. would settings for RF 8 and RX2sim and R3 be the same ? can not get it right Thanks Matt

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