I’m always supporting issues when using solutions, apps, sensors or anything you have read in here. However I hope you will do something first before sending the question.

Re-check your settings

Surprisingly often the reason for something not working is that you did not follow the guide or installation instructions. So please, check that first.

Where to get support?

There’s quite a lot of Jeti-users. If you visit and ask on any of these three forums you will most likely reach pretty much all users. Forums are

  • Helifreak (Link to Jeti-area here)
  • Jetiforum (German, link here)
  • RC-Groups (Link to thread here)

RC-Thoughts support

You can always contact me via contact-page here. I sincerely hope that when contacting me you take a few things in consideration:

  • I have no official affiliation with Jetimodel
  • I do not monitor this site 24/7, I have a day-job too.
  • I always try to answer as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take a day or three. Please accept this.
  • You did check the manuals, right?
  • Really, you did check the manuals?


RC-Thoughts or me personally is never responsible for anything you have done to your transmitter, programming of transmitter, model or any settings regarding these. Everything you do based on information from this website is always on users responsibility. I hope you will understand this.