Telemetry & Timers

How to <insert problem here>?

This is a place where you can find links to the how-to articles, short and simple.


Pre-flight announcement in case of flat batteries

  • If your memory is like mine this might save you a heli, plane or batteries!

Pre-flight announcement in case of flat batteries – Part II

  • Alternative way to create the same thing as above.

Announce currently chosen battery- or pack-size before flight

  • This is a safety-feature!

Automatic start and stop of telemetry logging

  • Are you as lazy as me, make things automatic!

Announce one telemetry-value from one switch

  • How to get just one value spoken via switch?

Used mAh-warning with different-sized batteries / packs

  • Let’s face it, not all batteries are same size!

Global voice-title to sensor name?

  • Annoyed to hear just “56%” when in fact you’d like to hear “Fuel 56%”?


Automatic reset of flight-timer

  • This is easy!

Announce elapsed flight-time

  • Your flying with mAh-metering anyway, right…?