Automatic start and stop of telemetry logging

Start of telemetry-logging upon powering the heli and stopping the logging when unpowering the heli.

Result is one log-file per flight, easier to manage files.

– Telemetry for flight-pack. (Didn’t work for me with RX-voltage)

In function:

Start, heli unpowered:


Powered, telemetry-logging started, not yet in flight


Landed after flight, hold-mode, timer stopped, still writing logs


Unpowered, sopped writing logs



This is a simple thing to do. We only need a telemetry-control to be active when there’s power in the heli. Easily done with monitoring voltage from flight-pack:


Simply put the activation value low-enough. Logging setup:


Set the telemetrty logging to use the newly created MX1 telemetry-control, also define the mode to “start/stop”

That’s it!

5 thoughts on “Automatic start and stop of telemetry logging

  1. Thank you for the tip, it drove me nuts. Just switched to Jeti due to the amazing system it has but sooo many option!
    I'll go now through all your Jeti post, this is already the second unvaluable tip.


  2. Does this work with the MUI telemetry sensor? Can't seem to get it working on DS24?

    1. Yes it does, the example above is done with MUI. You can take screenshot's of your setup screen as above and send them through contact-page and I can have a look if needed.

  3. I am also having a problem with MUI.
    Timers/Sensors. –
    add Mac
    set condition =>4500mAh
    No activated switch
    Attach a voice file
    BUT – after flight and then battery change, the Tx ttun=rns on and show value from last flight
    I cant see how to re-set this on battery change?

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