Whois RC-Thoughts.com?


I’m not  a kid anymore, and I wanted an hobby after moving alone to a new town. So I started flying RC-helicopters. Easy as that :)

Currently having a Mikado Logo 800 Xxtreme and a few smaller ones, a G380 on steroids etc.

Flying with Jeti radio that I’m beginning to love more and more, highly configurable, great to use!

Scale has also been always interesting. It’s actually quite hard to make a perfect scale-flight and to make it look good.

Scale-birds are a MD500 in 500-size and Bell 222 in 600-size. Actually quite hard to believe the Bell is only 600.

The idea to this “blog” came as an idea to preserve the small guide’s and how-to’s I keep writing to different forums.

I think it’s time to call this as a “site” nowadays, I think it’s grown out of the “blog”-name. No worries, the man and the thoughts are the same.

You’ll find me as either TeroS or CP-Geek in different heli-forums, most likely to be found on finnish forum Kopterit.net, or the more international forums RC-Groups or Helifreak. I’m also a vivid Helisweden-reader.

If You have an passion for adventure there’s also good old IRC, more precisely IRCNet, just /msg CP-Geek :)

Have a nice flight!