Text To Speech

Jeti has a possibility to use own audio-files for different announcements etc. Here you have a possibility to create them in many different languages with your own texts. If you need to trim or edit the files have a look on my guide here.

Usage is very simple. Write the announcement-text and press go. Change language and speed to your liking.

You should hear the generated audio directly if your browser supports it, you can then download the file from the provided link.

Couldn’t be easier!

If you are getting some errors please let me know!

Disclaimer and terms

Audio is made to 44khz 16bit wav-format for drop-in to Jeti, if no language or speed is selected generator defaults to US English and speed 0.

All audio-files generated are stored on the server. I will be building a database of generated files for later download.

I’m paying for this service, if you get empty results try again later. (even if it’s big there is a daily limit.)

Text-to-speech generator

Go here and try it out!