Universal SimBox – The Jeti-way

Sim-box when using multiple dongles and don’t want to unplug the receiver all the time?

After I posted the schematic (here) to wireless simulator adapter I got approached in IRC with a request to make two boxes ready for RSat2 installation.

The idea is simple, use one USB-port from computer, power the RSat2-receiver from that and give connections to 3,5 mm plug and USB for the simulator software’s dongle. Also it should be big enough to house the receiver (In this case RSat2).

Ready product looks like this.


The schematic is taken from previous post, in practice it looks a bit more like “snake-pit”. Only difference is the secondary USB, the USB-bus is connected straight to output also, only the power is taken to RSat2.


Box takes for example Real Flight, Phoenix dongles straight out of the box, no special connections needed from the user.

Only thing the owner needs to do is to plug receiver in, nothing else.

Easy and neat wireless sim-flying!

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