Model Announcer

Jeti transmitters are versatile as we know, there is often several ways to do things and this is a proof of that. There is at least three ways to accomplish this function so why not make a fourth one.

What is it?

Model Announcer is a app that plays a audiofile meant to play modelname when user selcts the model in transmitter. This happens not only when powering up transmitter but also when changing model.


Features are simple:

  • User selectable audiofile to be played
  • User selectable delay after model selection (0-60 seconds)
  • Very small memory-usage (~25KB)

If you are wondering where you can get a audiofile saying for example “Carf Sukhoi SU-30” take a look on RC-Thoughts free Text-To-Speech service!

Requirements and compatibility

Model Announcer is compatible with DC/DS-14/16/24 with firmware 4.22 and up. No other requirements.


In short: Copy the .lc (or .lua, the .lc is memory-optimized) file from github here to your transmitters Apps-folder, if there is a translation file copy the .jsn file to Apps/Lang-folder on your transmitter. Head on to “Applications” -> “User applications” and add the app. Guide on installation of Lua-apps available here if you need some more in-depth guide.

After that go to transmitters menu Applications -> User Applications and add the RCT-Mann to your running applications. Application can be accessed from menu Applications -> Model Announcer.

Configuration of Model Announcer

Configuration is really simple with only two settings needed:

You have two settings, select the file to be played and after testing if you need or want a delay then adjust it accordingly. No other setting required.

Same app is used across all models. So install the app to all your models and set settings and audiofiles as you like.

Usage of Model Announcer

You don’t use it, after setting up everything is automatic. Change model to another and then come back to the model you set Model Announcer for and test.

Version History

  • 1.0 Initial release
  • 1.1 Small memory improvements
  • 1.2 Added German translation by Norbert Kolb


Some rules do of course apply!

  • Never use Lua to control a function that would take the model down if misbehaving!
  • Always, always test the function thoroughly!
  • If you do not know, then don’t!
  • RC-Thoughts or myself is NOT responsible for anything this application does
  • Applications are free to use (MIT-license) and linking to this page is encouraged!