Installation of Lua-apps

I’ve got a few questions how to get Lua applications installed to transmitter so it is time to answer that with a step by step guide.

This guide is a support article to RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools found here so I’ll be using the Percentage application as example.

Making your own versions?

Of course! Change, release, share! Some things needs to be taken into consideration, please have a look here.

Jeti App Manager

There is an excellent application available for installing lua-apps to your transmitter. You can find the application for Windows and Mac here. For a short presentation have a look here. Jeti App Manager is made by M.Lehmann, Germany, it’s not a RC-Thoughts application.

Get the application to your computer the manual way

First open your browser and go to RC-Thoughts github here:


You will see all the applications published by RC-Thoughts in there, click on the “Lua Percentage” to go to next step:

You will see a listing of files included, usually a license on usage permissions, the application file itself ( and a readme file. Usually my apps have a translation file in Lang-folder too. Source-code (RCT-Perc.lua)is available in the “Source” folder.

Next, press the green “Clone or download”-button on the right side and choose “Download ZIP”:


Save the zip-file on your computer and open the folder where you saved it.


Now you need to extract the zip-package, right-click on the file and choose “Extract All…”:


Check the “Show extracted files when compete” and press “Extract”. When zip-package is extracted a new window will open up:


Go into the folder “LUA_Percentage-master” and you will see all the files and folders included:

LUA-applications are always equipped with file extension “.lc” or”.lua”. The difference is that -lc is pre-compiled and uses less memory in your transmitter. The .lc-file cannot be read with text-editor but .lua can, so the .lua is the source-code. If your computer does not show file extensions you need to know the name of the file, in this case it is “RCT-Perc”. So, right-click on the file and choose “Copy”. NOTE: If there is a folder “Lang” make sure to copy that too or the app won’t work. That means the “RCT-Perc.jsn” needs to be in transmitters Apps/Lang folder!

Next we need to connect the transmitter to computer to transfer the application to transmitter.

Connecting transmitter to computer

Connect your transmitter to computer with the USB-cable you got with the transmitter. After connecting your transmitter will display a confirmation screen:


Press yes and you are connected.

Now your computer has new drive visible, in my case it is E: but your drive-letter may vary:


Go into transmitters “Apps”-folder:


Right click on the empty space in the right side of the window and choose “Paste” and the file “” (or “RCT-Perc.lua”) and any files in Lang-folder are copied to your transmitters “Apps”-folder.

Next step is maybe not mandatory but I strongly suggest you to do disconnecting this way. Right-click on the Jeti drive (In my case “JETI_DC_24 (E:)”:


In the menu popping up choose “Eject”. This is a safe way to disconnect any external USB-drives from computer. If there is any read or write operations pending they will be done before computer disconnects the drive.

Install the Lua Application to your model

All Lua applications needs to be installed to every model where you wan’t to use it. So after making sure you have the correct model selected go to “Applications” -> “User Applications” and open it:

lua_install_103  lua_install_104

We can see this model does not have any Lua applications installed. Press F3 key (+) in the middle to add the downloaded file as application:


After pressing Ok (or the menu wheel button) we can see that the application is correctly installed and has no errors:


Installation is complete!

Where to find the new Lua Application

Applications forms (interfaces) can be in a few places depending on how they are coded:

  • Main menu
  • Fine tunign menu
  • Advanced properties menu
  • Applications menu
  • System menu
  • Games menu
  • No definition (Application has no interface)

So far all RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools applications are located inside “Applications” menu so go there and you will see the application there, Lua applications can be identified from the small “App”-text on the right corner of the menu-line:


Opening the application shows you the application interface:


There you go, own applications in Jeti transmitters!