Phoenix Sim Downloads

Downloads for the abandoned Phoenix Sim is now available from RCT.

Phoenix Simulator

Most likely the most used simulator through the years especially for us Heli-guys. Yes, there’s more recent ones but this is the one I personally always come back to.

Phoenix Sim ceased to exist in the end of 2018 and since then it’s been somewhat hard and uncertain to find update-files and installation media. So, now they’re available HERE.

Is something missing?

If you think something is missing drop me a line here. If you have some interesting model-files for example please attach them so we can make them available for others too.

11 thoughts on “Phoenix Sim Downloads

  1. It downloads as a .pkg file which seems to be for Apple. How do I update using Windows 10?

  2. I still have my 5.5K … How to i access the " Phoenix User Interface "

    Where is it hiding ?

    I would like to install the updates to 6.0

    Thanks for the update files

  3. thanks for all the work in your website man i relay appreciate it . i use your website mostly everyday.
    and can any one tell how to add the model's to the sim like Andy models

    1. Copy them to "C:\Users\<YOUR NAME>\Documents\PhoenixRC\Downloaded\Models\User-made" (Thats in Windows 10, but under your Documents-folder)

  4. hola……….estoy intentando actualizar a version 6 pero no me aparecen los archivos en la carpeta TEMP: kopterit: phoenix…………….DONDE DEBERIA APARECER? GRACIAS

  5. Does anyone have a dongle emulator that is not riddled with malware! I have a usb transmitter I use with real flight and would like to use it with this, thanks for the downloads

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