Small add-ons to Jeti VarioMeter

Now with Nano!

There is a new hex-file available for Arduino Nano of Nano is your preferred board. Connect the sensor’s VCC to Nano 3V3 pin and other to same as in Pro Mini and off you go. RCT Uploader work fine with Nano too. (Note that no resistor is used with Jeti VarioMeter)

Serial Speed Issues

Jeti has some inconsistency with serial speeds in the receivers. R-series are ok with one speed, REX’s EXT port is sometimes a bit tricky and require a bit different speed and REX’s E1 and E2 port differ a bit from EXT-port. Every now and then I need to make a special hex for a user so there is now extra hex-files available in a zip-file to test Pro Mini’s with depending your specific setup.

Jeti VarioMeter

As usual, check the Jeti VarioMeter page!

5 thoughts on “Small add-ons to Jeti VarioMeter

  1. I wanted to first thank you for your page and all the work you have done to allow us all to enjoy all the possibilities with Jeti telemetry. You have inspired me, and I have used several of your programs.
    What I wanted to ask you is do you have a sketch that really is a minimal set necessary to use the Jeti telemetry? I am trying to understand as much as I can, but I get a little overwhelmed for most of the sensors because there is the sensor sketch, the JetiExProtocol sketch, and the JetiExSerial sketch etc. These are all very sophisticated sketches that I am sure work for many different cases, but do you have a recommended "starter set" of sketches that would be the minimum necessary to use say a Nano and a simple sensor?
    Thank you again so much, and take care.

  2. Hello

    Have you used these sensors with the Jeti Assist receivers with the new firmware update? I think it is v1.12? I am no longer able to get the sensors to work.

    1. I have not tried with Assist, but Iäm assuming it should have the same serial-speed as REX-receivers. Anyhow, check the vario's github, there's a few hex-files to try, all with different serial-speeds.

      I have a plan to change the code for all my sensors to support true EX-protocol. This is to get rid of this annoying difference between serial speeds from receiver to receiver. It's a big work and averything needs to be tested so it will take a lot of time so no quick solution there.

  3. Thank you. I think the problem is not in the RCT codes, but in the Jetiprotocol and/or the JetiSerial codes. I didnt realize that they were not true EX-protocol. Does it not follow the Jeti guidelines:

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