Phoenix Simulator Downloads

Since PhoenixSim is now fully out of business and there is no customer support left whatsoever I consider it to be abandonware and I feel I can share files for support and community purposes to those still using the software. You still need a dongle to use it. If original copyright holders wish to take these files down for a valid reason they can contact me.

PhoenixSim DVD

PhoenixSim 5.5 installation files HERE. Size 1.5Gb. (MD5 950f1a2d8550f7835ac90c4d611620ae)

PhoenixSim Updates

Phoenix any version to 5.0.r update HERE. Size 940Mb. (MD5 99577d338b0110d981f67c71eff40298)
Phoenix 5.0.a to 5.5.k update  HERE. Size 18Mb. (MD5 9bbf3749268acff274d888d07ebbb106)
Phoenix 5.5.k to 5.5.l update HERE. Size 2.4Mb. (MD5 d7dabbf173f94b64f2464e45c6d5ae5e)
Phoenix 5.5.l to 6.0.i update HERE. Size 60Mb. (MD5 2705ff02c9af11fe156c0b39355fe187)

PhoenixSim Maps

Map Pack 1 (134 maps) HERE. Size 3.7Gb. (MD5 bca6e500e9b6639b62c81b49e58e6434)
Map Pack 2 (30 maps) HERE. Size 1.1Gb. (MD5 9a1052fa891f59d7c34b21fd238c7502)

PhoenixSim Models

SAB Goblin 700. Download phx-file HERE.
Henseleit TDR. Download phx-file HERE.
Align TRex 700 with 3G. Download phx-file HERE.
113 Different models HERE. (Thanks Andy!)
All Planes made for Phoenix HERE. (Size 62Mb)
All Heli’s made for Phoenix HERE. (Size 34Mb)
All user-made 640+ models from RCGroups HERE (Size 1.2Gb)

Please read below while downloading!

How to install and update Phoenix Sim

There is a step-by-step description now available HERE including

  • Installation from DVD-package
  • Updating to version 6.0 i
  • Installing custom models and sites


Note that I am by no means a Phoenix Sim guru. I just host the files so people still can find them. Most often asked question is “does it run on Windows 10?” and the answer i can give “Well yes, at least it runs on my Win10. Install with “Run as administrator” and you should be fine.” All support questions should be asked on Phoenix-related forums like the one on Helifreak HERE as for example.

I do not know how to setup Phoenix with your transmitter. Please go to Helifreak or RCGroups to find out or ask if you lost that information along the years.

Also please take a minute to read THIS.

Fly online – Yes, still available!

Head on to Martin’s page HERE, set up and fly with 70+ online pilots! No cost, minimal hazzle, just pure fun :)

Who said Phoenix is dead?

Is something missing?

If you think something is missing drop me a line here. If you for example have some interesting model-files please attach them so we can make them available for others too.