“Own a Jeti? Here are solutions for problems you didn’t know you had!” That was how one friend described RC-Thoughts.com in IRC!

RC-Thoughts is all about radio-controlled models, radio-systems and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti transmitters since all this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet. RC-Thoughts is also the place with most Jeti-oriented Lua-apps (RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools) and DIY-sensors complete with instructions, schematic, firmware and all!

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Latest on RC-Thoughts

  • Harry Got a New Radio! 19.06.2020
    I have posted about Harry''s video's earlier, if you have not seem them check his Youtube channel here. Bernie Jones at Jeti UK in collaboration with Jetimodel have now seen to it that Harry has a spanking new DS-24 to…

  • RCT Downtime Report 13.06.2020
    RCT server have recovered from a unplanned downtime of approximately two hours. Root Cause Reason for downtime was a failed reboot after kernel-update due miss-configuration of automatic network-mount (backup-folder on another server). Service Improvement RCT Management will have a serious…

  • Jeti – Tips and Videos 30.05.2020
    If you are a new Jeti-user you might be overwhelmed on the different possibilities to do things you want the Jeti ecosystem to do. But no fear, there's quite a lot help available! Programming Tips and Examples Tips and examples…

  • RCT is Under Attack 15.05.2020
    Unfortunately some script-kiddies think it's fun to use a small(ish) botnet to knock on every available port and try to get in to server. Famous last words They will fail :) Impact? At the moment pretty much nothing, response times…

  • Keep RCT Ad-Free? 06.05.2020
    I have always wanted to keep RCT fully ad-free, I hate ads. But reality is coming closer and something has to be done. Sky-rocketed use of RCT Ever since I put Phoenix-stuff up here the usage of server have gone…

DC-24 and the Boys

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Please note: I do have opinions in my writings. Opinions and speculations are what make this kind of sites fun and different to read. Remember that some of opinions are not always same what mainstream thinks :)

If you find something that is not working or is behaving strangely please let me know. Be safe and enjoy a great hobby!