CalvinWhat is started as a blog and evolved to a mix of blog and small shop.

The blog-thingy is about stuff related to radio-controlled helicopters and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti-radio since this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet.

Like always, if You have anything You’d like to tell me please do, you can drop me a line here. Also there’s a possibility to subscribe to new post’s if you like. (Right sidebar)

Brothers :)

Please note: I do have opinions in my writings. Opinions and speculations are what make this kind of pages fun and different to read. Remember that some of opinions are not always same what mainstream thinks :)

Latest articles and posts

  • Jeti Hall RPM-Sensor updated! 04.02.2017
    The "5$ Hall-Sensor"-project here have been overhauled totally today! Features Measures revolutions per minute between 0 and 65535 rpm in steps of 60 rpm Installs as a normal sensor to transmitter New! Gives two RPM-values, RPM Motor and RPM Main…

  • RC-Thoughts Jeti Altmeter updated! 04.02.2017
    The "5€ AltMeter" got new firmware today. New features are Temperature sensor Jetibox-availability The best part is that only an update is needed, no hardware-mods necessary! So, head on to project-page and have a look!   

  • Award for Jeti DC-24 02.02.2017
    German hobby-magazine FlugModell have chosen Jeti DC-24 as winner for the award "Model of the year 2017" inte category "Innovation of the year". RC-Thoughts would like to congratulate Jetimodel for the prize, truly deserved and well earned! (Picture from…

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 – Whats new? Part II 02.02.2017
    Yesterday we took a glimpse on Assist-receivers, new DC-16 and of course DS-24. Today we'll take a look what else Jetimodel have had on display. New ESC's Mezon-series is getting new models, this time Pro and Opto-models. Pro models will…

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 – Whats new? 02.02.2017
    We've been reading forums, we have some pictures. Let's try to dig deeper, right? What do we know is coming? Let's have a look on pictures posted on forums, these three were posted on news: Jeti REX6 Assist mounted…