RC-Thoughts is all about radio-controlled models, radio-systems and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti transmitters since all this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet. Most recently Lua-apps (RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools) and DIY-sensors seem to be very popular :)

Latest on RC-Thoughts

  • Bling your Jeti – Backplate! 03.06.2017
    Bling noun UK: /blɪŋ/ US: /blɪŋ/  "Jewellery or decoration that attracts attention because it is very noticeable and looks expensive: She wore a fake-fur coat, big sunglasses and lots of bling." (Taken from Cambridge dictionary here) A bit dull, huh? Yeah. Just…

  • How to charge RX-pack during flight? 03.06.2017
    While visiting Habo Helimeet this year I saw something interesting in one of the Miniature Aircraft's Whiplashes. There was actually a charger for the RX-battery on it, not new by it self but the quality of execution really was worth…

  • Habo Helimeet 2017 (Sweden) 03.06.2017
    Definitely one of the heli-highlights of the year, Habo Helimeet! I was visiting Habo for the first time last year and made a promise I'll be back this year too, simply a great trip. Last year we were not that…

  • Springcamp 2017 – Paattinen Turku 03.06.2017
    It's time for heli-camps! Gotta love the spring and beginning of summer. Four heli-camps in five weeks! Black dot is my hometown Tampere and blue dots are locations of the helicamps, first we have Turku, just next to hometown to…

  • RPM to headspeed is updated 20.05.2017
    AlastairC's nice little app is updated to 1.1, check it out here! RPM to Headspeed Really simple, converts RPM from motor to headspeed with by user given gear ratio (gear tooth-count). Main gear has a decimal possibility to ease calculation…

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