CalvinWhat is started as a blog and evolved to a mix of blog and small shop.

The blog-thingy is about stuff related to radio-controlled helicopters and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti-radio since this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet.

Like always, if You have anything You’d like to tell me please do, you can drop me a line here. Also there’s a possibility to subscribe to new post’s if you like. (Right sidebar)

Brothers :)

Please note: I do have opinions in my writings. Opinions and speculations are what make this kind of pages fun and different to read. Remember that some of opinions are not always same what mainstream thinks :)

Latest articles and posts

  • No hablas ingles ¡No hay problemas! 06.12.2016
    If you need some LUA-apps in Spanish it's now possible thanks to César Casado! César have translated two LUA-apps from RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools to Spanish, so now you can use Event Counter and Battery Percentage with Options in Spanish too! Muchas…

  • Jeti Studio 1.0.2 is out 03.12.2016
    The Jeti-users swiss army-knife, Jeti Studio is updated to 1.0.2 version on all platforms. (Linux, Mac, Windows)JETI Studio Changelog New functions Added French and Italian languages. New version of DC-24 Emulator (V4.20). Release notes shall be included later after the…

  • RC-Thoughts RFID-Sensor now Revo Bump compatible 01.12.2016
    Just put up some new information on Revo Bump compatibility. Also the software is now available so head on to Sensor-page here and RFID-Battery applications page here. Have fun!

  • Jeti + Revo Bump = True Love! 30.11.2016
    Revo Bump is a smart way to operate with battery-charging. Gives you automatization in charging, adds safety (never over-charge for example) and elevates battery management. Now you can use Revo Bump battery-tags with Jeti RFID-Sensor and with RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools…

  • Contact page captcha is fixed 30.11.2016
    Sorry folks! Looks like after transition to new platform the function of contact-page was not that great. I finally found the root-cause and it is now both fixed and tested. So if you have any questions please send a email…