Jeti App Manager

Installation made easy! And I mean really easy!

Jeti App Manager

This is a simple-to-use application for mac and windows made by a German Jetiforum-user Nightflyer88. The idea is great in it’s simplicity, let the app take care of installing, updating and uninstalling of apps. Apps are always installed in the the way developer have intended and with always correct files. (I do get my share of “does not work”-notifications and it turns out user have copied wrong files to wrong folders etc)

Setting up Jeti App Manager

First, get the version for your OS from Nightflyers github:

After unpacking and installing, open the app. To change the language from the default German to English and check that also RC-Thoughts apps are there open the settings from “Datei” -> “Einstellungen”.

Change the language to English and make sure the repository-urls contain the RC-Thoughts url “”. After changing the settings app needs to be restarted.

Using Jeti App Manager

Using is REALLY easy. Connect your transmitter to computer and start Jeti App Manager. You’ll see something like this:

The top includes selection to the drive your transmitter is in your computer, transmitter-model and firmware-version. (No, there is no 4.26 out yet, it’s beta). Also you can see the “Install” button to right.

On the left you have all available apps in the different repositories, information on availability for 14/16 or 24-only (“all Tx” or “DC/DS-24” as example above) and required firmware-version on transmitter.

Now, if you do not have the app selected on the left you will see only the “Install” button on top right. To install the app to your transmitter simply click on that. Jeti App Manager copies the files straight from github to your transmitter to correct folders. If folders are not there Jeti App Manager creates them.

If you already have the app installed the look is a bit different:

There is more buttons, you can either update the app or uninstall it. Really, could not be any more simple than that.

What’s missing?

Not much. Perhaps a true version control on apps, now you can see the “Update”-button even if you already have the latest version. For this to work we would need to have version numbering done to the apps on the transmitter. Something to ponder on.

One thing I’m missing as maker of multilanguage-apps is the info on available languages. But hey, Jeti App Manager is in version 0.4, so there’s room and time for small things to come :)

I’d say as a conclusion, my hat goes off to developer, this is excellent work!

3 thoughts on “Jeti App Manager

  1. Jeti App Manager v0.6 crashes on startup after adding the RC-Thoughts source URL…
    Had to reinstall to remove the source url…
    Any idea how to solve that?

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