Lua-Labeler released

Sometimes small things matter. Like today :)

Lua Labeler released

From a forum-note where a user was expressing a need for getting names of gyro banks to main screen, one of the simplest apps out there, Lua Labeler:


Read the whole story on the dedicated page here.

3 thoughts on “Lua-Labeler released

  1. Hey, nice job on this. Thank you for this.

    I have a question: How can I clone the app so I can run 2 instances for different functions, like Gyro and Banks. I tried changing the jsn name and labels for the second instance and change the lua so it addresses the modified jsn name, then recompiled it. The thing is, whenever I run both instances, they show the same window labels and main labels.

    I don't exactly know what's happening.


  2. You could add another 5 selections to the one app and make a second window instead. Would save memory too.

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