RFID-Sensor got an update

The RFID-Sensor here is one of the most popular gadgets RC-Thoughts have ever made. It definately created some buzz when it came out around a year ago.


There is now added a possibility to disable the automatic cycle-count. Setting is stored in the tag itself and if not set defaults to old behavior which means cycle-count is increased in flight as before.

If you do not need this function there is no need to update the sensor. Not that this does not affect REVO Bump-tag users since RFID-Sensor does not write anything to REVO-tags.


Well. There are people who might have the cycle-count added to RCT-tags when charging and not when flying. There is no official hardware to do this yet but people can make their own if they want to. Especially the Electric for iCharger is a excellent platform for this, simply connect a RFID-reader to Raspi and do some programming. So I made my RFID-system ready for this :)


Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

2 thoughts on “RFID-Sensor got an update

  1. I know a user who's interested in the same… would you consider forking and contributing code to the Electric project?

    1. I think I know the Norwegian user :)
      I can see if I have an extra RasPi, I do have an extra iCharger 308 to play with. And plenty of RC522-boards :)

      We could move the discussion to email, I'll answer there.

      I'll see what I can come up with.

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