Manuals – Why bother?

I thought I’d post some links to manuals, for a reason :)

Jeti Transmitter manuals download pages

  • DC/DS-14/16: Manuals available here.
  • DC/DS-24: Manuals available here.

Note that firmware-updates may have important info in release-notes. Updates are available here. (For you US-people check out Esprit-page here.

Why do I need to post this?

I answer a lot of support-questions via email and my contact-page. While I enjoy helping out I can’t help noticing a trend growing during the last year or so, you guys are quite poor to read the manuals :)

This weekend alone I have 22 emails with different questions, 18 of them have their answers in manuals… You see where I’m going with this?

I would also suggest You to have a quick look on the dedicated Support-page here.

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