RCT Firmware Uploader is Updated

The very popular RCT FW Uploader is updated for even more compatibility!

Thomas, the author of XSensor contacted me and made wish for a small addition to RCT FW Uploader. He has developed a Arduino-based multi-sensor with a lot of functions and sensor-possibilities. In fact so much the code does not fit into normal Arduino but requires the change of bootloader to Optiboot. Here’s the thing, Optiboot-boards firmware-flashing is just a little bit different than “normal” Arduino’s so I made it possible to use by simply selecting one checkbox.

Version 1.0.7 is out

This time a little update on user-interface too:

One small checkbox can make all the difference!

XSensor is an interesting thing, I’ll be looking into it at some point, let’s see what that could bring us :)


Look at the RC-Thoughts FW Uploader-page here or simply download from this link!

2 thoughts on “RCT Firmware Uploader is Updated

  1. It would be good to have another tick box: verbose. Ticking it would display the text output and error codes from the underlying a avrdude. For all those situations when things don’t work as expected.

    1. No. I want to keep GUI as simple to use as possible. Have you looked into directory, there's a file called "Flashlog.txt" ;)

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