What is it?

Labeler is a simple lua-app to convert switch-information to desired text to show on main screen. Usage examples are for example showing of flight-modes, gyro-banks/names etc that otherwise would not be available.


Features are simple:

  • User selectable name for telemetry-screen label
  • User selectable texts for five (5) settings
  • User selectable switches for five (5) settings
  • Prioritized display

Requirements and compatibility

Model Announcer is compatible with DC/DS-14/16/24 with firmware 4.22 and up. No other requirements.


In short: Copy the .lc file from github here (Lua Labeler) to your transmitters Apps-folder, if there is a translation file copy the .jsn file to Apps/Lang-folder on your transmitter. Head on to “Applications” -> “User applications” and add the app. Guide on installation of Lua-apps available here if you need some more in-depth guide.

After that go to transmitters menu Applications -> User Applications and add the RCT-Lblr to your running applications. Application can be accessed from menu Applications -> RCT Labeler.

As you can see settings are simple. On top you can set the label for your telemetry screen window on your main screen. Then set the names for the up to five different options and the switch to activate them. Remember, the switch can be any switch-like option available in transmitter like logical, sequencer, telemetry, G-force, whatever.

Priority of display

Display of labels is prioritized, Label 1 takes priority of label 2 and so on. If you have for example labels (switches) two and four active at the same time the label two will be shown. If label two is no longer active but label four is then label four is shown if no higher-priority label is active. (Think flight modes here, you’ll get it!)

If no labels are active the main screen window will show nothing.

Example with Gyro banks

Let’s say we have a heli with a gyro, gyro has two banks and we would like to name them “Acro” and “Rescue”. We also would like to name the main window a bit different. Setup could look something like this:

We would then add the telemetry window “Gyro Banks” to main screen. And then depending on state of switches we could see the screen like this:


So simple but yet so informative! Enjoy!

Version History

  • 1.0 Initial release


Some rules do of course apply!

  • Never use Lua to control a function that would take the model down if misbehaving!
  • Always, always test the function thoroughly!
  • If you do not know, then don’t!
  • RC-Thoughts or myself is NOT responsible for anything this application does
  • Applications are free to use (MIT-license) and linking to this page is encouraged!