RCT EmptyBattery (lua) Updated!

Wow, this was fun! Looks like the Empty Battery-app was the third lua-app I made, at least it’s one of the first ones. And it shows in the code :)

It’s kinda cool to see how much (or little) one have learned in just year and a half having fun with these little apps. I’m still very far away from a “programmer” but there certainly was room for improvement :)


I was asked if I could implement a possibility to name the three batteries possible to monitor in model-startup. Of course! So here’s a updated version!

You now have the possibility to give names to batteries, helps a lot to know if it’s “Turbine” or “RX-Battery” giving the alarm instead of “Battery 1″ or Battery 2”, right?

Other changes?

Yes, quite a lot but under the hood. Sensor-settings and how sensor-selections use memory are reworked totally. Once app is installed the memory consumption is considerably less than before. I also managed to reduce the amount of variables needed, again, saves memory :)

So, head on to RCT EmptyBattery-page here and have a look!

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