Flight-time timer and automatic reset

I wanted to make the timer more automatic. It annoyed me when I had to stop the timer after flights and also wanted to leave the flight-time visible until i removed power from heli and reset automatically.

I’m using used mAh to limit my flight-time so timer is just a flight-time log for me.

– Automatic start of timer upon take-off
– Stopping the timer when flight is over
– Resetting the timer when un-powering heli
– Works with all flight-modes (In example Normal, Idle 1, Idle 2, Autorotation, Hold)

– FW 3.02 in TX
– Telemetry fo flight-pack voltage


Start, heli unpowered. Timer won’t start regardless off flight-mode.


Heli powered, we’re in hold-mode before flight


Flight, here in autorotation.


Un-powered, timer resetted to STOP-mode.



Because of flight-modes we need five logical switches. (L6 is extra, I have hold-mode with two switches with OR-rule)


L1 is throttle-stick active AND L6 active (HOLD-off). L6 is reversed.


L2 is flight-modes Idle 1 OR Idle 2 active.


L3 is L1 OR L2, So L3 is active if L1 or L2 is active.


L4 is L6 AND L3, so L4 is active when hold is off and we’re in Idle 1 or Idle 2. L6 is again reversed.


L5 is again L4 AND MX1, this is active when L4 is active and heli is powered (MX1)


L6 is hold-mode, active when either left or right hold-switch is active.


MX1 is a simple switch to recognize powered heli. Using a rule “when flight-pack voltage is over 5V”.


MX3 is to recognize un-powering of heli. Define a telemetry-control to activate when flight-pack voltage have been less than 2.0 volt’s for more than one second. (Time-rule to eliminate unnecessary reset’s if we have a short glitch in telemetry) Note Default-setting 100%


Timer itself is simple, starts from zero and stops when flight ends, hopefully without a crash. Time remains stopped in display until I power off the heli.

Start with L5 and reset with MX3 and short reset-type.



Now, go out and fly!

4 thoughts on “Flight-time timer and automatic reset

  1. Hi,
    I am using the retract switch to start my timer, the problem is that when i lower the gear the timer stops. Is there a way around this?


  2. Thanks Guys,
    Sorted, it needed to be set up as a free running timer. Steve Collins on the Facebook jeti page helped.

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