Announce chosen flight-pack size when powering heli


This is follow-up to “Used mAh-warning with different size flight-packs“, I added more security since it might be dangerous  to fli with smaller packs and have a bigger warning level. What this function does is announcing chosen warning level / chosen flight-packs when powering heli. (or plank or whatever…)


Look at the previous part in the “mAh-announcement-series”, You’ll need that to proceed.


From previous post we have a few sound-on-event’s, the announcement of battery size according a switch. We need two more.


The “Sc” event’s are those when we flip the switch and select a mAh-warning level to telemetry alarms. Nothing strange there, but we need to make two more with same audiofiles. (Guide to do own audiofiles is also available on the blog.)

Now, go ahead and check that you have a telemetry control that activates when you power up the heli. If you have done for example the flat flight-pack warning you already have this. (Note, this need’s to be from battery, not rx voltage!)


That’s just a virtual switch MX1 which is activated when heli is powered. We need that to activate the sequencer:


So, make a new sequencer (for me that is Q4). Make the 0.0 seconds point to 0%, 0.1 second mark to 100% and last point to 1.0 seconds and 100%. Select the “power up switch” MX1 as switch for the sequence. Next go to Advanced settings:


Give the sequence a convenient name, and check the “Always finish sequence”. Keep “it Symmetrical”

Alright, we’re getting closer. Let’s make a few logical switches:


Make two logical switches. These are the actual “voice-activators”. L10 (you might have different numbers) is activated when switch is in smaller flight-pack position AND sequencer Q4 is active. And from first picture we can see that when L10 is active it plays the sound-file of “Bat-4400” I made. If the switch of choice is in other position and sequence is active Jeti plays the sound-file of “Bat-5000”.

Test Your setup, adjust timing in sequence if you need/want to. It takes a little while after powering before values come to TX so the voice announcement is not instant. When powering especially a heli always be sure blades cannot start rotating. Chicken dance with heli in the kitchen is not fun. Do not ask me how i know…

There You have it, more safety for mAh-flight time usage!


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