Kontronik Kosmik and SD-cards

Every now and then there seems to be a forum-post somewhere where a user has issues with logs on sd-cards when using Kontronik’s Kosmik speed controllers.

Here’s a few tips to ease the pain.

  • Always use new firmware, at least check the release notes. (Newest fixes some SD-write issues) Look in Kontronik’s site here. Currently 4.5.1 is released just to fix SD Card errors.
  • Check for SD-card compatibility if you’re using a card not from Kontronik. Here’s a list (pictures).
  • If you need to format the SD card always use a SD Card formatter, download from here.

If you are using telemetry like Jeti or JLog this might not be that important when everything works. But when there’s issues where ESC can shed some light it’s really good to have the K’s logs available.

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