Safety switch – Activate after pre-set time


Sometimes you want more safety. For example activate a switch only after pressing a momentary switch for example two seconds. Any shorter than this switch will not activate.


Really easy:


Make sequence like my Q2 above. Make starting point 0.0 sec to 0%, if you want the confirmation time to be two seconds then make another 0% value to for example 2.0 seconds. Now just add a 100% value to 2.1 seconds. Now the time needed to activate something is 2.1 seconds, adjust times according your wishes.

After that assign a physical (momentary) switch to activate the sequence.

Go to advanced properties:


Give the sequence a name of your choice and put settings like picture above. What’s important is that “Always finish sequence” is not activated, otherwise it would run whole sequence even when you activate switch for shorter time than 2 seconds. Same applies to “Type of path”, it needs to be “Asymmetrical”

After this assign Your Q2 switch to whatever You want :)

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