Used mAh-warning with different size flight-packs


A really simple way to enjoy the flight to the max, always fly as long as possible without worrying about perfect battery-safety and condition. Use always the (for example) 80% of capacity regardless of what batteries You have.

For who?

For anyone with different sized flight-packs to same heli (or plank or whatever…)

Ok, show me!

So simple it’s almost ridiculous.

First, I have two different sized flight-packs to my Logo 800. Two set’s are of 2 pcs of 7S 4400 mAh 65C and one really old set is 2 pcs of 7S 5000 mAh 40C. I want the alarms to be activated on 3000 mAh and 3400 mAh respectively. (No, it’s not 80%, let’s not grab to that)

Here’s what the alarm’s look like:


Nothing special here. Let’s look at the smaller alarm, the 3000 mAh warning:


You’ll notice it’s a perfectly normal warning, nothing special. When used mAh-value is over 3000 it sounds the .wav file three times. The key is in the activation switch. This alarm only works when switxh “Se” is in right position and clearly now it is. Now we’re on to something. Let’s look at the 3400 mAh warning:


This screenshot is taken with every switch just in the same positions as the previous screenshot. Difference is (apart from the mistake with sound-file) only that the switch “Se” is not in right position. So this alarm does not sound if I would use over 3400 mAh.

Since We are using a two- or three-way switch we can have two or three different sized packs on one switch. Of course one could use two three-way switches and use of logical switches to make more possibilities but let’s be honest, how many (if any) different sized flight-packs do you use?

Sometimes the answer just is simple. Use the activation switch :)

5 thoughts on “Used mAh-warning with different size flight-packs

  1. hello, i am trying to add the alarm but it is not available, do i need any MUI sensors (the ones for amp usage)?
    kind regards,

  2. i have three battery sizes that fit in my Protos 380—1250, 1450, & 1800. I'm combining this with the "make a slider a switch" tool using a knob to have all three sizes available. I don't even have to have the transmitter turned on to select the proper battery (left, center, right does it). Thanks for the thoughts,


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