Spoken telemetry from switches – Part II

This is so typical. You do something that “just isn’t quite there” and it bothers You. You just have to look at it from another angle.

Just a moment ago I helped  a guy on Helifreak in his issue with spoken telemetry from switches. (Original post here.) I wondered that “Jeti can’t be that stupid radio…” and started thinking more about the better solution. So here it is, possibility to assign 40 switches to announce single telemetry-values from any assignable switch. (Most likely this is done somewhere already, haven’t seen it tho.)


First, go to Timers/Sensors -> Alarms:

Then add a new alarm like this (Picture stretched to show scrolled content):


There are few important points here. First, choose the condition as “X is greater than zero” to get the alarm-condition to work with any value. Then select a switch of Your choice to activate the alarm. Do not use repeat. Activate the option to “Announce current value by voice”.

In this way when activating the switch Your hear the value of wanted sensor. If you wan’t to hear for example “Engine current one hundred amps” You have to make an audio-file with the “Engine current” and select that as a file in the above screen.

Now. Jeti DC-16 and DS-16 have room for 40 alarms. These are of course meant to be as “real” alarms for example “low voltage”-announcement and so on, but most likely there’ll be room left for some switch-activated announcements :)

2 thoughts on “Spoken telemetry from switches – Part II

  1. Is it also possible to get spoken telemetry from switch but for MAX value instead of current value ?

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