Spoken telemetry from switches

There was a question in Helifreak where one guy had a switch assigned to announce all telemetry values and needed an function where he would get just one value announced.

Turns out Jeti is not really at it’s best here. This is a function for example my old Spektrum DX9 had, assign whatever spoken value to whatever switch. (Ok, DX9 did not have “all the values” if I remember correctly.)

There is however a shortcut, we can actually trick Jeti, not much but a little :)


First the Voice-Output screen:


We have a possibility to choose two switches, one for a repeated voice-output and one for one-time voice-output. Choose a switch You like (in this case Sf) and change the repeat-time to 0 seconds. Then go to “Sensors & Variables”


Here I have chosen the “Repeat”-switch to announce “Antenna 2” with the telemetry-value and the “Trigger switch” to announce “Headspeed”-value. Remember, You can choose whatever values or however values You need or want to both functions.

That’s it.

I’ll need to see if we could do something with editing files in Jeti to achieve a third or fourth and so on. I find this somewhat restrictive, I know everyone has he’s (her’s) own style, but for example I have two switches unused in my current configuration and they could well be used for example to get the information of used mAh’s and so on. There are warnings, yes, but sometimes that’s not enough.

But this is a start.


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