Jeti and flight simulator – Universal wireless adapter

Universal wireless adapter for simulators with Jeti

After writing the post “Real Flight 7.5 + Jeti DS-16 + Rsat2 = True” there came a question in IRC regarding connection to another simulators like neXt, Phoenix and AccuRC.

To my knowledge all of them are available with adapters and either an built-in 3.5mm plug or a socket so user can provide own cable.

User did not get the connection so I promised I’d draw a picture about it.

Remember to measure the colors of USB-cable with voltage meter before doing any connections. Connection is very simple as picture shows. (Click for larger version)



  • Sockets positive (PPM+) needs to connect to the tip of the inserted plug
  • Sockets negative (PPM-) is NOT the socket ground. This is for Phoenix compatibility.
  • If You have a adapter with socket and not a cable You need a 3,5mm plug-to-plug cable

Radio settings

Regarding channel order simply put, no idea. I need to see if I can find my Phoenix-sim and test it. The basic model structure in Jeti should be the same as in Real Flight -post.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “Jeti and flight simulator – Universal wireless adapter

  1. Hi, sorry, its not clear for me.
    USB output is 3 wires leads to jack male, and how to connect servo connector (from rsat2) wires to jack female?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The connection described here is a universal connection made from components. If you have a USB to 3-pin jack you have some sort of special cable and unfortunately I can't help you on that. it might be a cable to connect straight to transmitter.

  2. Hi, You mention that the tip of the 3.5mm plug would be PPM+ and PPM- to the next ring of the plug. Is the polarity then reversed in the socket (+ to -) or the is the wiring diagram incorrect? As I read your diagram PPM- would go to the tip of the plug ect.

    Thanks in advance

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