Setup-table for easier setup

This belongs to category “why haven’t I done this before”. I’m fanatic what comes to setting up the mechanics (especially head and swash)  in heli’s. (I also hates visible wires but that’s another story…)

Anyway, what this means is that the mainshaft should be perfectly vertical. This of course means putting the heli on the table and putting all kind of stuff under the skids to make this happen.

Since I’m also lazy I wanted a quicker and easier way to do this so here it is, the most simple setup-table there is.

Starting point, heli on the table. Not quite level…


So, I took a piece of some sheet I had around and made the adjustable feet to it.

One feet in every corner. Size of the table is whatever Your heli’s need, same goes to length of screws in corners. Turned out I had a little too short ones but those are cheep and easy to replace.

I screwed wing-nut in the tip of screw and tightened that on the place with a normal nut.

On other side I glued some protective rubber. This serves two purposes, one to prevent the table from sliding and the other to protect the table surface setup-table sits on from scratches from screws.

And the result? Fantastic.

All I need to do is to paint it in some nice color :)

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