DC-transmitter “Tero-Mod”

When DC-24 came out I was one of those who jumped from DS-transmitter to DC-variant. This of course took some getting used to but at the moment I could not be happier with it. However, there was one thing I had to make, the angle transmitter hangs on was too straight. You can read the story here.

This small and simple mod have been named as “Tero-Mod” on forums and I’m getting questions on how to do it every now and then. So here’s a how-to.

DC Bracket

DC-transmitters do not have the hanging point for shoulder strap as DS-transmitters do, they have brackets that are in fixed angle:

The angle is straight and we need to adjust that a bit to get the transmitter to be in slight down-angle. So, let’s take the bracket apart by unscrewing the one screw in there:

Construction is truly a KISS-method. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Let’s have a look on the part that needs some work:

The bracket’s opening on the right is the one we need to work on. Ok, here we go:

The angle is determined on the angle of opening represented with red lines in picture above. So take your dremel and grind away some metal making the opening larger. One really good advice is take just a little at time, then put the bracket back together and test. And remember that you need to do this to both brackets.

It’s a lot easier to take the material off than put back on so take your time :)

The result

Result is what we wanted, some angle on the bracket:

And using the transmitter it could look like this:


Yes, you can make irreversible changes. But take your time and remove just a little and test often. If you need to get new brackets they are cheap. I’m not taking any responsibility of your equipment when following these guides :)

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