Bling your Jeti – Backplate!


noun UK: /blɪŋ/ US: /blɪŋ

“Jewellery or decoration that attracts attention because it is very noticeable and looks expensive:
She wore a fake-fur coat, big sunglasses and lots of bling.”

(Taken from Cambridge dictionary here)

A bit dull, huh?

Yeah. Just look at this:

So, what can we do? Easy. Head on to Digitech in Netherlands!

Laser engraved backplate to your Jeti

Get yourself a new backplate, add the 15 euros laser engraving and send Sandor a vector-graphics on what you want to have engraved. It really is that easy!

Show your Jeti some affection!

I sent Sandor the graphics file and few days after that got an email that there’s a shipment registered and on my way. The result was surely not a disappointment:

The quality is absolutely perfect! Laser engraving does not take the backplate to bare metal so I have no doubt that it it will last as long as I have this transmitter. The details are sharp and good, I really have no idea on the resolution that is possible to achieve but even the smaller text is easy and sharp to read. I wish my photo-skills would be as sharp tho :)

Thanks Sandor! Excellent work!

PS: Be sure to visit Digitech’s shop every now and then, there’s something else coming in there soon :)

2 thoughts on “Bling your Jeti – Backplate!

  1. What is the process for creating and submitting the design? Is there a recommended design tool or file format? Template?


    1. They prefer vector-files but good quality (and size) picture is ok as I understand. Please contact Digitech :)

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