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Well. The DS-16 (non-carbon) is pretty plain what comes to looks of it. Instead of getting a carbon-model that everyone has one can do wonders doing things differently. That’s where pimpyourjeti.de comes in to picture.

This is what we are starting from. Normal DS-16.


I saw the website of pimpyourjeti.de a while back and thought that there’s something totally unnecessary and cool. And when something is unnecessary and cool you just gotta have it, right? :)

What is it?

It’s a protective and decorative foil that comes on top of the transmitter, covering up the original look of transmitter. There’s also some good things about it, it’s reusable, removable without residue and

The foil is of good material, the finish is pretty good, I do see some faults in the white text-part but nothing I’m too concerned about. I was afraid that the finish would be too glossy, luckily it was not, it’s more of semi-matt than semi-gloss finish and in my opinion first impressions is good.

How it’s against grease from fingerprints etc remains to be seen but initially hold’s up pretty well.

What’s available?

You can either choose from ready layouts for your DS/DC-16 or you can design your own. Of course I took the opportunity to design my own because I wanted to use my own logo on the foil. The actual designing-process is done by the buyer on the website, upload your picture (use good enough resolution!), position and zoom it to liking and press “buy it”. It really is that simple. Hardest part is to make the picture just so you like it… You also have the option to name switches to whatever you want or remove the switch-text and other text completely if you do not want them. (I didn’t, I like the KISS-principle)

Does it fit?

Yes, and extremely well. Size is absolutely spot on and all holes line up perfectly. Brilliant work regarding this. On lower part little to the left is a small part that is meant to be used for ease the removal or replacing the foil, to my eye it looks “extra” so I cut it off. Removing the foil is perfectly good and easy even without it with x-acto knife or similar tool and some careful steps.

How is it delivered?

Foils are sent well packed inside an frontcover folder within a DIN A4 couvert, there was no bent parts or any issues regarding this. And Finnish post is not the nicest one to mail so this should be considered a good and well packed item.



The foil itself is on a A4 paper, easy to remove and apply to transmitter. Installation itself took like one second. The switches, buttons and gimbals etc helps the aligning a lot, basically “just drop the foil”. The slightly adhesive surface does it make necessary to look for trapped air, just push the possible airbubbles gently towards some edge or button etc and you’re done.

And yes, it does do a difference.


And a bit more close-up picture. The amount of “light” is on the foil, not on my lightning of the transmitter. It’s on my picture I used and is intentional. I also added special request to remove the arrows around gimbals, removal of the default “www.pimpyourjeti.de”-text and chose to remove all the switch-markings. All for a “clean look”.


What I learned was that if I ever need or want another one I need to use as good resolution as possible, I used a 2293 x 1950px 96DPI JPG-file, in retrospect I should have used a bit more. Looking at the details one can see some resolution-related issues, example below:


To be honest, this is not pimpyourjeti’s fault, it’s mine. So be sure to use really good source for your pictures. Also worth mentioning is that the text “Thoughts about…” is in reality 2.75mm in height. That’s just a tad over 1/10th of an inch. That in mind I think the print is really good.


In my opinion it took a bit too long to deliver however communication was good pretty much the whole time.

  • Order (custom image) on friday-morning 25. september
  • Automatic order-confirmation right-away
  • Hand-written confirmation same morning, right when Marvin came to work what it looks like :)
  • “Order in progress”-email on sunday evening 27. september
  • Email with print-proof on wednesday morning 30. september
  • “Order is ready for production”-email same evening
  • “Ready for shipping”-email on saturday afternoon 10. october
  • On my door 15. october

I’m not complaining, it is after all a custom-product that is made just for me, usually it takes time. But the 10 days between print-proof and ready-for-shipping is a bit long, after all the advertised time was 3-4 days.


Approved, with a good margin. The faults in the print are mine, and the total time for production is after all acceptable. Can I recommend this? Absolutely! Do you NEED it? No. Do you WANT it? Yes :)

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