Soon in RC-Thoughts Shop – WarmTX


If you live in Scandinavia, North America or any other place where temperature goes below freezing you know that good, warm gloves and stick-flying with radio is not a very good combination.

Yes, a radio mitt does help. But the fact is bare hands do rarely warm the inside nearly enough.


To this need a few years back a Finnish guy called Xen developed a product that was thoroughly tested by Finnish RC-heli community for several years. Simply put, no development bugs anymore, component-choices are solid and guaranteed to work.

Since Xen is more of a development-guy and I’m more of a tinkering and soldering-guy we joined forces.

WarmTX from RC-Thoughts powered by Xen is here!


Unit consists of Control Unit and two heating pads. Power comer from user supplied 3S to 6S LiPo.

Some of features are

  • 3S to 6S LiPo usage
  • 6 selectable heating levels
  • Automatic cut-off to prevent deep-discharging LiPo
  • Settings memory-function

Unit comes assembled and tested, all you need to do is to cut wires to suit your application and solder heating-pad connectors and battery-connector. Same as you do with all your helis, planes or any other model.

Available from week 45 from RC-Thoughts Shop for the bargain price of 69€!

While waiting have a look on the manual!


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