DC/DS-16 update 4.00 just around the corner

Well. Rumors are getting thicker….

Firmware 4.00 is just around the corner. Also the fact that Jetimodel is jumping to new major version in numbering let’s us suggest there’s a reason to this. My guess is no downgrading back to 3.02. Of course I’m mostly wrong when I take a guess :)

It’s been known for a long time that DC/DS-16 will get operating 24 channels in the next update. As usual it’s the US Distributor Espritmodel on RC-Groups forum’s who is leaking news & proof of new features.

New features

This time the new leaked features are as follows:

  • Confirmed 24 channels (Once again)
  • Added inactivity-alarm
  • Added low Q-alarm
  • Telemetry alarms: Preflight check

Let’s wait and see what other big and small things are coming.

What we do know at this moment is that now adding a multicopter is easier, there’s a new model to select when creating a new setup:


Apparently there’s also some selections and setting available to camera-gimbals. I do not fly multi’s but these look interesting, definitely need to have look on those when the FW is finally released.


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