Interview with JETI model s.r.o.


I recently contacted JETI model about a opportunity to do an interview with them. They were friendly enough to give a blogger a chance and they kindly agreed.

So here are the questions and answers, includes some news also. Big thanks to JETI model and Jakub Mitura!

Questions were sent a while ago so some questions have been answered on forums already.

Here it goes!

Q: How long have you been doing RC-equipment, where did it all start from?

A: JETI model was founded in 1993 in Czech.

Q: Where does the name “Jeti” come from?

A: “JE” means first 2 letters from one Founder´s surname, “TI” means first 2 letters from second Founder´s surname (Mr. Stanislav Jelen and Mr. Juraj Tinka).

Q: What is the force that drives Jeti to be constantly on top when talking about solutions, technical innovations and finish?

A: Our target has been from the beginning to offer best solutions on the market.

Q:  In my experience you are really good in listening customers especially regarding software, where do you get your user-based ideas and suggestions from? If someone has an idea and want to discuss it with others what would be the place?

A: We want to be different then our competitors. It means Listening and Talking with our customers. Therefore we attend several events during the year with our distributors and talk – help – support our customers. Also we are very well known for very good warranty and after warranty service.

Q: You are also very active on different happenings either via Hacker-Motors or directly (your own Jeti Model Meet etc), are these “all work” or do you get to have fun (fly) at all during these meetings?

A: It is mainly work. Hard work. We want  to show our customers that we are real person and they can talk with us. That we are here for them! On events are our technical specialist, not only sales guys, therefore we are able to help to anyone. And we get very positive feedback. In Europe we usually attend Sinsheim, Friedrichshafen, JET Power, Segelflugmesse (all in Germany), Wells, HEPF Hausmesse (both in Austria), Flugtag in Hausen (Switzerland), Joe Nall Week (USA) and we also have our JETI model meeting which is 3rd weekend in August in Czech republic.

Q: Going into more technical questions, what is the main reason to implement 900Mhz-range into DC/DS-24 this fall?

A: Offering to pilots next band, which will give them more safety.

Q: I’m assuming this will result DC/DS-24 to have three RF_modules, two for 2.4Ghz and one for 900Mhz, is this correct?

A: Yes, this is right.

Q: What would be your typical setup to use one 900Mhz receiver in an RC-model?

A: For example big plane with Central Box 400 and connected two 2,4GHz satelitte receivers and one 900MHz satelitte receiver.

Q: Can you give me some secret new thing coming in DC/DS-24 that no-one knows yet? ;)

A: It will be the best transmitter on the market :-)

Q: About new hardware in DC/DS-24 compared to DC/DS-16, changed processors? Internal memory? New connectivity? Compatible spare-parts with DC/DS-16?

A: Due to color LCD we had to change  many components including memories, processors and many others. The other parts like switchers, trayes, stick ends are the same like for DC-16.

Q: At the moment there is one gyro-integration done, Spirit, do you have plans to any other? MSH Brain, VBar NEO, others?

A: At the moment we are in contact with MSH Brain and Bavarian Demon. Also Emcotec works with us on their DPSI 2018 and other staff.

Q: We had a interesting discussion among some Jeti-users regarding different failure-scenarios of transmitter, could you comment on these:
– SD-card failure mid-flight?
– Processor or (software)process failures?

A: – SD-card failure mid-flight? All setting is in internal memory, if SD card failure the transmitter does not load model after switch OFF/ON whole transmitter. DC-24 will be contain industrial SD card 8GB.
– Processor or (software) process failures? Everything is possible, but you can be sure, we do our best to use very high standard for choosing components, designing and testing.

Q: There have been (very few) incidents regarding gimbal-sticks breaking in use, have you considered making these in metal?

A: The gimbal sticks are made from Aluminium 6000, we can not use any magnetic material. Very early of production we tested sticks and the power for breaking was 40kg, but we registered some broken stick and we increase thickness of sticker shaft immediately. You know, if you step on the sticker it doesn’t matter if the you are using metal or aluminium.

Q: And for us “fashion”-freaks out there, how about all-black switches?

A: We are sorry not a topic for now and a near future.  (RC-Thoughts note: Bummer… )

Q: Is there a possibility to order a customized front-plate to existing transmitter? (I personally would like to get rid of those Sa, Sb etc markings)

A: Anyone can place an order for Carbon Design transmitter with his name. For same our customers, mainly copter producers, we offer their customized front panel.

Q: There is a lot of DC/DS-16 users out there, myself included. Will there be some sort of trade-off program when we want to upgrade to new and shiny DC/DS-24?

A: We would like to offer our customers through our distributors special service. Each customer can send old transmitter for repair, replace some parts, tests and extend warranty. It depends how much money the customer would like to spend for looks like new. After this facelift, he can sell his DC-16 in good condition, with warranty and buy new DC-24.

Q: Do you have any prize or release date for upcoming DC/DS-24?

A: DC-24 is scheduled for December, price will be 1600 EUR. DS-24 will be presented and in sell next year.

Q: How does the RC-modelworld look like in 2030? How will Jeti be a part of that?

A: Interesting question! Hard to say. But we see that current way is to have model with integrated all systems compatible together and pilots can see everything what going on in his transmitter. And JETI model will be very proud to present new DC-1024 :-)

RC-Thoughts says thanks to JETI model s.r.o. for the opportunity!

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