Lost emails

I had a catastrophic loss of emails on my mailserver some days ago and after some investigation they’re not retrievable. It looks like I have not been delivered all emails for quite some time due some issues. So if you have emailed me (this includes contact-page here) and have not received an answer please re-send the email.

Note to Phoenix-questions!

Please note that I am not a Phoenix support, I only keep the material available for hobbyist’s to use. I do not know how to wire your transmitter to Phoenix, what I know is explained on Phoenix page here and a small How-To here. All other questions should be pointed towards communities like Helifreak and RCGroups as an example. I use Phoenix, never had any issues with it so from that point of view I cannot help you, sorry.


I’m a hobbyist just like you, I support and answer as much as I can but as we know sometimes life get’s in the way. Please respect this.

Stay safe!


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