Kontronik Kosmik + JLog2.6 + Jeti


Most convenient way to get all the info Kosmik  can tell to Jeti is without a doubt JLog.

Connection is simple. Connect the blue cable from Kosmik option port (no matter which one) to JLog’s Kosmik-port. After that connect JLog to Jeti telemetry-bus, remember to cut the red wire! There’s no difference if the connection is to expander or receiver, connection is the same.

The blue cable comes with JLog, haven’t found it separately anywhere.

Basic connection diagram is as follows:



What’s important here is  that there is no positive connection between Jeti and JLog. Jlog get’s it’s power from Kosmik. So only two wires between Jeti and Jlog.


NOTE: Guide below is for Kosmik version up to 4.5, if you have 4.6 or newer you have to read THIS!

It’s pretty forward to configure this setup. Operation basics are

  • Kosmik on default, no gear ratio’s etc. defined here.
  • JLog takes care of gear-ratio between motor and main blades
  • All alarms configured only on Jeti TX. Not in JLog.

Values available in Kosmik + JLog2.6 + Jeti EX:

  • Ubat – Flight battery voltage
  • Ubat min – minimum battery voltage on whole flight
  • Imot – Motor current
  • Imot max – maximum motor current on whole flight
  • Capacity – Used battery capacity in mAh
  • Ubec – BEC Voltage
  • Ubec min –  minimum BEC voltage on whole flight
  • Ibec – BEC current
  • Ibec max –  maximum BEC current on whole flight
  • Temp BEC – BEC Temperature
  • Temp FET – FET temperature
  • PWM – PWM value of esc
  • RPM Uni – Headspeed
  • RPMmot – Motor RPM
  • Power max – maximum power used on whole flight

Any of these values can be used in configuration of alarms, switches or whatever in Jeti transmitter.

Configuration of Kontronik Kosmik

Basically only one thing to remember. Configure Your Kosmik like You would normally do, only difference is that gear ration etc have to be default in Kosmik in order to make JLog able to read RPM correctly and count RPM correctly for main blades.


Your Kosmik is ready.

Configuration of JLog

First, make sure You have the right firmware for JLog. Firmware is downloadable from JLog website: http://j-log.eu (Direct link to download page http://j-log.eu/wp-content/plugins/JLog26/dl26.php) As writing this post the newest firmware available is 26-K_E-41.8.bin.

In download page select ESC as “Kontronik KOSMIK/JIVE Pro” and telemetry as “/type 1/…JETI v1+EX”. Install firmware as usual to JLog. (Help available here http://j-log.eu/start/ scroll down for english.)

JLog configuration is pretty straight-forward with JLC configurator. Software is available from JLog-pages here http://j-log.eu/download-jlog2-5/ (Scroll down)

Make setting as follows:

  • Gear ratio is done either with tooth-count of pinion and main gear or by gear-ratio (Red square)
  • Motor pole-count according Your motor (Blue square)
  • Choose setup as “KOSMIK/JIVE Pro JETI-EX/pw” (Black square)
  • Choose the hw-version of Your JLog (Black square)
  • COM-Telemetry protocol should be automatcially right (Yellow square)
  • With “Sensor configuration” choose what values You wan’t. (Light-blue square)
  • Do not configure any alarms in JLog. That is done in Jeti transmitter.


Now save the configuration to SD-card, put the card in JLog and make last checks before giving power to Your heli. (Make sure Your blade’s cannot start accidentally, use caution as usual!)

Defining telemetry in Jeti transmitter

Attaching JLog to Jeti so You can use the measured values is just like any other telemetry-sensor. No difference to any other. Use alarms, thresholds etc just like with any other sensor/value.

Naming of JLog2.6 sensors is (in my opinion) somewhat strange so You might wanna take look in this earlier post about naming the sensors.

And now, go out and fly :)

3 thoughts on “Kontronik Kosmik + JLog2.6 + Jeti

  1. I'd be lost without sites such as this. I'm just starting to purchase what I'll need to get a TDR in the air. I just yesterday came across the term "OPTO" and had to find out what it was and decide whether or not I'd need an opto esc or not. I've decided to not worry about getting an opto esc and just use a ferrite ring at the throttle cable. (As far as I can tell, the ferrite ring will stop any "noise" from getting to the RX.) Anyhow, I just wanted to thank the person responsible for this site for all the great information. Thanks again, Kirk.

  2. What would happen if you connect the ESC directly to the Jeti receiver without JLog? Will some of the telemetry data not transmit?
    Thanks! Al

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