Kontronik Kosmik 4.6 + JLog fix!

The problem

As I wrote earlier Kontronik released a new firmware which broke RPM to JLog. I began to investigate and did a lot of testing and then contacted JLog developer Tom via Helifreak-thread here.

The start-situation was very confusing, reported RPM was “all over the place” with no logic whatsoever what I could see.


Red curve is from Kontronik, gray is what JLog sees and reports to Jeti. Not nice at all.

The fix

Fix is simple:

Kontronik Kosmik 160 and 200 (Cool or not, no difference) with firmware 4.6

  • Use ProgUnit or K-Prog android-app (with bluetooth module) to program pole-count to what motor has (10 in my case)
  • ProgDisc can be used also, connect ProgDisc to connect the PC (with K-Config software) to Kosmik (Thanks to phailipp @Helifreak for the info!)
  • Leave gear-ratio in Kosmik to default 1.00:1

JLog (Version 2.5 or 2.6, no difference)

  • Use the hotfixed firmware from JLog-download page (Here for 2.6, here for 2.5, for Kosmik + Jeti it’s 26-K_E-41.18_kwa46.bin, shows as 26-K_E-41.18 in VERSION.TXT on JLog SD-card)
  • Use JLC to program values (JLC here)
  • Set pole-count to 2.
  • Set your correct gear ratio to whatever it is. (In my case 9.72 in 800 Xxtreme)
  • Everything else as usual.

And after that you get both the right headspeed rpm and also the RPM for the motor in JLog:


So. It got fixed and pretty fast.

Huge thanks & props goes to Tom for reacting so fast! Great job!

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