Kontronik Kosmik update 4.6 with a warning!

On monday Kontronik released firmware 4.6 to Kosmik 160 and 200. Also be sure to download the 4.6 manual and the new KConfig 1.2.0 if you are using PC + ProgUNIT.

(If you have the bluetooth-module you might want to get the new android-apps K-View and K-Prog. These are installable .apk files, no news on iOS apps as of now.)

Kontroniks release note is following:

Version 4.6 has several changes. With the actual K-Konfig program it's possible to adjust the alarm values for Telme. An alarm is now also logged in the error file. The startup time after bailout has been optimized corresponding to the programmed startup  time. With long startup times its much faster now to guarantee save startup after bailout. The calculation of the used capacity was corrected.  It's necessary to update the K-Konfig program and the ProgDISC as well.

The part with TelMe had me worried for a while and the fear of something breaking came true.

This update breaks compatibility with JLog! Fixed now, read here!

I confirmed this with my own testing yesterday:

I used JLog 2.6 GW 26-K_E-41.15 in all tests, results are clear:

  • Kosmik 200 fw 4.4 OK
  • Kosmik 200 fw 4.5 OK
  • Kosmik 200 fw 4.6 NOK

In further investigation it seems that only RPM is all over the place. RPM it right when looking at Kosmik logs, it apparently is sent via serial to JLog in different way on the new 4.6 firmware.

I made a post to Helifreak’s JLog-section where Tom (developer of JLog) usually is pretty fast to respond but have not got any answer’s yet. (Patience you must have my young padawan…)

I also emailed Kontronik with my findings and asked if they changed something. Just got the answer:

yes we changed something in our new Update. For the Specs. for MPX we have
to adjust our TelMe SW.

So for us Kosmik -> JLog -> Jeti (or any other radio) it’s now either to use firmware 4.5 or a waiting game :)

Anyway, happy flying!

2 thoughts on “Kontronik Kosmik update 4.6 with a warning!

  1. Hello, my Kosmic is now on the 4.5 firmware, is it possible to skip ver.4.6 and to roll latest version? Btw, have you tested other versions?

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