Jeti + Windows 10?



If you have for some miraculous way missed that Micro$oft just released their newest and shiniest OS, Windows 10, so, yes, they have.

So, does this affect us Jeti-users?

Nope, not in any way that I can see.

After installation of Windows 10 I installed the USB-drivers from FTDI-Chip. (Remember to take 32/64-bit according your OS) The Jeti USB-adapter was recognized with no problems.

Likewise, no problem doing the actual update:

The update works as it should, also we can be calm about the transmitter since it’s “just” a removable drive:


So in conclusion, no need to worry about Micro$oft’s new tricks, so far so good :)



One thought on “Jeti + Windows 10?

  1. This sounds great. However, has anyone tried this with a tablet running Windows 10? Probably on an Intel Atom chip? Currently I manage my Jeti stuff running an Oracle VM on a Mac, but a small and light Windows tablet would be my ideal as it would allow easier on field (slope soaring) fettling.

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