News: DC/DS-16 is going to be DC/DS-24…

At least according to forum-rumours :)

Late this or early next week Jeti will release new update for DC/DS-16 Tx/Rx. Update will add extra 8 channels to the 16 channel radio architecture. Those extra 8 channels will have adjustable mid/end points plus some extras, all full 4096 resolution. To make changes you do not even have to use Device Explorer, all will be set from Servo/Function Assignment page.

Source is Espiritmodel (US importer of Jeti) in RC-Group forum’s Jeti-thread.

Since I’m a heli-dude myself I’m waiting more on the other cool stuff possibly comig in this update. One thing Jeti have promised to fix is the issue with digital out doing a few blinks on startup. I’ll dissect the update when it’s available :)

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