Important notice to LogicSwitch users

First thank you to all LogicSwitch users! I really hope you find it as useful and fun to use as I do :)


There’s a small glitch in how Jeti Duplex receivers initialize digital output. Let’s say you have failsafe at -100 on digital output channel and you have the channel at -100 and you power up your model.

The output blinks very rapidly two or three times on initialization.

This is not a flaw on LogicSwitch, it’s a bug in receiver. I emailed Jeti and got a response:

Dear Sir,
 Thanks for your mail. In next receiver's firmware release it will be changed
 and glitches after receiver connects to the TX shouldn't appear.
 Best regards,

So this should be fixed soon. Be safe, go out and fly and most important, have fun!

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