Jeti TX – Boombox!

You knew You can use Your Jeti TX as music player, right? It’s quite simple actually and the sound-quality ain’t that bad considering it’s small mono-speaker.

Boombox in action:


You need to convert Your audiofiles to 22050 or 32000 Hz .wav-files. No point in using stereo since output is mono anyway. One handy tool to do this is a free tool called MediaHuman Audio Converter (Download from their page

Converting music to right format

Open MediaHuman Audio Converter, You’ll see the application.


Press the button on the middle (“WAV” in the pucture above) and put output format as WAV mono, 22050 Hz:


Rest of the settings are optional, I like to keep it tidy so I have output folder same as source and remove original files after conversion. (My music is on another computer and I copy them to my laptop for conversion and transfer to Jeti anyway):




Now Select Your music-folders in explorer and drag them to converter-window. You’ll see all the files in converter.


Now simply press the “Convert”-button  and wait.


You’ll see the progress also in tray:


When conversion is done You’ll have .wav-files in format Jeti can play:



Now connect Your Jeti to computer as usual. (I have swapped the original little slow SD-card to a faster and bigger, Your’s is most likely 4Gb)



To keep things simple I named the music-folder as “-Music-“, the “-” in the beginning of name is to make sure when using radio the music-folder is on top when entering folders:


Simply copy Your music-folders into that Music-folder on Jeti, and again, wait. Grab a coffee.


When copy is done eject Jeti from computer the right way, right click the “Jeti”-drive and choose “Eject”. This is to ensure windows finishes writing everything to Jeti the correct way before You unplug it from computer. Now, Just play the music!

Playing music from Your transmitter

Go to menu and navigate to “Applications”:



Go to “Audio player”:


And choose Your “-Music-” folder:



Now You can see all Your music and/or music folders:



Enter a folder and You’ll see the music-files:



Simply press the Play-button and You have music :)

Few pointers

I use pot 7 as volume-controller, handy also when playing music.

Jeti’s audio player isn’t dumb, it plays track’s consecutively, so as long as You have music files in one directory music don’t stop.

Caution: Make sure You don’t deflate Your TX-battery before flight’s! Jeti DS-16 draws approximately 360mA when idle, backlight on. Playing music add’s about 70mA. Volume does not change the current-draw significantly.

Now, go out and fly!


4 thoughts on “Jeti TX – Boombox!

    1. In theory yes. One would need to find same dimensions and impedance but with bigger sensitivity. After that it's just soldering work. Interesting thought!

  1. I use it for practicing my music flights. So handy having my music on the radio rather than a phone especially when I'm on my own. The volume is good but a little bit louder would be nice.

  2. Does anyone know how to stop the music with a switch ?
    When im flying and i would like to stop the music, i now have to look to my tx and go to the audioplayer…

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